Friday, June 13, 2008

My Newest Wire Crochet Jewelry Designs

"Wampum" is my piece that is somewhat different. There is a 2 inch polished shell with a crochet border of silver colored non-tarnish wire. The necklace itself is 21 inches long and has 3 strands of silver non-tarnish wire and amethyst chips The cost of this piece is $55.00

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"Lovely Lady" is a sentimental piece for me. It reminds me of a very dear friend that I met on our "Great Loop" trip. I don't know why it reminds me of her, but it is elegant without being pretentious. It has a simple feeling to it but a deepness of color which reminds me of her spirit and kindness. The name of her boat was "Lovely Lady", and she was certainly that at all times.
this is made of amber colored wire both crocheted and the neckwire. The beads are carnelian beads. The clasp of this piece is on the side not on the back The length including the neck wire is 20 inches. The cost is $45.00.

"Waters of the Abacos" is a piece that reminds me of the color of the water when I spent the winter on our boat in the Abacos at Marsh Harbor. The color of the bay of Abacos was this light blue that you can't even imagine. This piece is made of non-tarnish silver wire and amazonite chips. There are 6 graduating lengths of beads the longest measuring 28 inches including the neckwire and the shortest measuring 21 inches including the neckwire. The wire that is used for the neck wire is seafoam colored wire. The clasp of this piece is on the side, easy to get off and on. The cost is $50.00

"Carmel Delight" is one of my first pieces with a neckwire that circles the back of the neck only. I always have a problem with a clasp at the back of the neck and wanted to find an idea that would make it easy to get on and off on the side of the necklace, I found that if I made a neckwire just around the back of the neck and put the clasp on the side I could still have strands of beads but it would be easy to get them on and off. The longest strand with the neckwire measures 24 inches, the shortest strand measures 18 inches. Their are 5 strands of red agate beads on amber colored crocheted wire. The cost is $50.00